CPR training 

Adult Mental Health First Aid .

Peer to peer Intervention 

Diabetes Awareness 

Health and Wellness


Training offered 

          Start today, right now, lets go!

Know your numbers  and  your Goal numbers 

Health and Wellness starts with you working with your provider to reach your goal


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BMI 18.5 - <25, Waist inches <35 for women, ,<40 for Men

Blood Presure <120/80

Total Cholesterol <200, LDL-Cholesterol<100,

HDL Cholesterol >50 for women, >40 for Men

Triglycerides <150

Fasting Blood Sugar <100

​Hemoglobin A1c <5.5


  1. Share Parenting Stories and Tips
  2. Simple Steps to Healthy Family
  3. Families: Family Fitness
  4. Questions 

    A Healthier You




​​My risk factor for Cardiovascular Disease and other disorders .

How many risk factors do I have?

___ High LDL (Bad) Cholesterol                  ___ Family History of Heart disease or 

___ Low HDL (good) Cholesterol                       or other disorders

___ High Blood Pressure                                ___ Depression

___ Not Active                                                      ___ Tobacco Use

___ Obesity                                                            ___ Diabetes

___ Unhealthy food consumption            ___ History of diabetes during pregnancy

___ History of High Blood pressure during Pregnancy

I can change these numbers for me and my family. 

improving health, wellness, 

knowledge and understanding!

Mini Life Style Changes make  great strides.

1. Get up and move daily.  I hear "I do not have time to join a gym!"  I hear you:  park further away from the front door at work, grocery store or school and start walking today.  How many steps today? download an app for your phone and  set goals. 

2. Healthy Choices:  I hear "I Do Not want to eat Diet Food!" I hear you:  Change your plate size from 12 inch to 8 1/2 inch, decrease salt intake choose other tastier spices, get dressing, gravies and sauces on the side rather than smothered  on top. 

3. Change your numbers:  Get your numbers checked today and set your goals with your Doctor to start getting your numbers in the norm.  

Remember:  Just "Mini" Life Style Changes

Make Great Strides. 

Lets DO This.