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As a Community Health Worker we act as a Liaison between Healthcare, Social Services and people within this community.  We advocate and educate to provide information and resources so community members know their options to improve their health and wellness. We help people understand and navigate the healthcare system.  Coach and devise strategies to promote self sufficiency. Helping people understand and connect with healthcare services.  Provide informal counseling and support to citizens, medical community and first responders,  and provides support to promote rural health care services outreach projects utilizing evidence-based or promising practice models in order to address community-specific health concerns.  Our 2020 vision is to increase awareness of our services and provide health fairs to connect our community leaders and professionals with members of our community.  Continue with free training for Mental Health first Aid to the Public, CPR training and education to professionals and the public.  Stop the bleed training to the schools, day cares and public.    

improving health, wellness, 

knowledge and understanding!

Photos from community events